Darya Tarsim is an Iranian based Consulting Engineers Company, Providing engineering, mapping, surveying, hydrographic,photogrametic,GIS and oceanographic services.

We provides clients with cost effective, comprehensive integrated consulting services based on a high level of professional ability and practical application of state- of- the- art technology. We provide specialized consultancy and project management services in the field of land and marine surveys. These services are affected in various Land/marine disciplines such as LIS, GIS, Topography Survey, Hydrography, Oceanography, and related areas. With due attention to the very importance of the sea in economical development of Islamic Republic of Iran, and in the direction of using the existed facilities in the best way, National Cartographic Center of Iran (N C C) decided to give basic Hydrographic projects to private companies of the country. Due to the lack of expertized hydrographic companies, it was a serious decision to overcome this problem, some experts of Hydrographic Department of N.C.C established consulting engineers group (D.T.C.E) in 1998 to carry out hydrographic projects. The Company has established as a private partnership with the NCC, the government agency responsible for surveying and charting Iranian’s territorial waters. Under the terms of the multi- year agreement between NCC and DTCE, the company is one of the main partners in field of hydrographic surveying in private sector. The NCC/ DTCE agreement was signed in 1998. DTCE has been done more than 20,000 km soundings in Iranian waters since 1998.The Company was established, to meet the growing demands of marine community for high quality survey data and results. We have also undertaken several projects for other governmental sectors; such as NIOC, Fisheries Organization, Port and Maritime Organization (PMO), Water Research Center, Energy Ministry, KWPA, and etc. and our clients in private sector.

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