DTCE owns a suitable of sophisticated Land/ Hydrographic surveying equipment employing “state of the art” technology. The data processing facility installed at our office in Tehran is capable of processing several sets of data concurrently and is fully computerized. We also have the benefit of full time several Charge Hydrographers and Oceanographers, Hydrographic Surveyors, Survey Engineers and administrative staff. In addition, we have access to a wide rage of modern and sophisticated instruments, equipment and software. This capability provides us to handle projects with utmost efficiency and in accordance with the highest Professional Standards and Quality Control. All above factors enable DTCE to offer comprehensive solution for land and marine surveys.


Positioning Systems

Lieca 530 RTK DGPS system

Thales Navigation Sagitta Real Time (UHF Link) GPSs

Trimble  4700 DGPS RTK

Trimble  DSM 232 DGPS

Geodetic Receivers Ashtech Pro Mark 3

Ashtech / Magellan Pro Mark X, X- CM

Csi -Wireless DGPS MAX( RTDGPS-Beacon receiver )

Land Surveying equipments

Total Staion Leica TC 705/ Tc 407

Total Staion Zeise Elta R55

Sokisha Medium Range Distancer

Wild Medium Range Distancer

Theodolities / Levels

Oceanographic Equipments

Direct Reading

Self RecrderCurrent meter RCM9 Aanderaa Annderaa , Norvey)

CT  Device (Annderaa ,Norvey)

RBR 1050 Automatic Water Level Recorder (Pressure Sea-bed Tide gage) Richard Brancker,Canada

RBR 2050 Automatic Water Level Recorder (Pressure Sea-bed Tide gage)

AWAC Wawe and Current measuring units


Hydrogrphic Equipments

Dual Frequency Echo Sounders(30/200 kHz)  Ceeducer Pro with DG14 Sub-meter accuracy

Single Frequency Echo Sounders  Navisound 200

Single Frequency Echo Sounders  Novisound 50

Odom Hydrotrac Echo Sounder

Sounder Map Garmin

odom hydrotrac CV100

Sound velocity meter BD 1200 Digibar Pro Odom

CTD aanderaa

Seabed Samplers(Grab)

Nansen Bottle Sampler

Side Scan sonar Starfish 450 kHz

Data Handling/ Processing Systems

IBM Compatible Desktop / Notebook, Pentium based field computers along with associated softwares, Peripherals and Interfaces.

Associated peripherals like interfaces, printers , scanners , etc. for on line Navigation/ post processing

Data Logging Softwares : HYPACK MAX
Post Processing and Cartographic Softwares ( Geolab , SDRMAP and MICROSTATION, Bentley and Inraods etc.).

Geodetic and Topographic Surveying Equipments

Total Stations in different range and accuracy

Theodolites / Levels

Infrared Ranging Systems

Geodetic Dual/Single frequency DGPS receivers

Marine Beacon DGPS receivers

RTK DGPS receivers

Communication and Miscellaneous Equipments

VHF/UHF Communication systems for voice/data link

Tools/ Instruments

Petrol Driven Generators

Photocopier, Blue Printing Machine and other office equipments

AC to DC  invertors

PCMCIA cards for multi-port facilities


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